Supersonic Advocacy

Welcome to TMB! This page is the ‘supersonic advocacy’ section of the site, aimed at tackling the environmental and sociopolitical challenges that SST technology faces to become feasible in the civilian domain, and not just for the military.

It might surprise you to know that significant research was done in support of this cause in the 60’s and 70’s, and many of the conclusions and findings of that research supported the feasibility of overland supersonic flight, and they are available in the public domain, including several declassified military reports.

Some of this research famously backfired, notably the Oklahoma City sonic boom tests, and the complaints of a bitter minority led to a nationwide overland supersonic flight ban by congress in the US – singularly the largest potential market for the SST outside of the transatlantic routes that would be the over regular service offered by Concorde.

Occasional accidental low level supersonic flights by military jets, smashing windows with intense low level shockwaves always further demonize the possibility of supersonic flight over land, and the general feasibility of SSTs altogether.

And yet, curiosity in this field persists, and sporadic startups like ‘Aerion’, ‘Boom’ and research projects within NASA and established airframers continue to appear to challenge the long-held notions that supersonic flight is too noisy and inefficient to be practical – it is not necessarily a forgone conclusion.

To quote James Baldwin, ‘Those who say it cannot be done are usually interrupted by those already doing it”.

Within this site, I have collected some of said research, and will continue to add to it as and when it becomes available or when I find new info, in three specific categories; – This page collects sociopolitical and geopolitical arguments for and against SST feasbility. – This page addresses the environmental concerns surrounding noise and emissions pollution of SSTs. – This page addresses possible route feasibility for a new generation of SSTs.

Please explore the site and share the content, if you would like to contribute, comment or just join in the conversation, please contact me at the facebook page here;