Advocacy for Supersonic Boom Management

Welcome to TMB’s ‘Political’ page, where we will attempt to address the trickiest problem of all for our supersonic mission: public opposition.

Since Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier, and before, there has been fear of the sonic boom.
This page, when complete, will explore and refute each one of those fears to help rebuild the case for supersonic travel.
Some of the supporting research material is included here, commentary on each will follow in due course.
Meanwhile, here is a presentation I made (just for fun) at work on the Oklahoma City Sonic Boom tests… ‘Why America Never Built a Concorde’
OKC Boom tests

Sonic boom propagation to the ground…



Supersonic corridors at Edwards AFB…






U.S. F-15E goes supersonic over UK: ceiling tiles come down in local Supermarket


Boom Research J Sands

Boom psychological effects

Sonic boom intensities

Sonic Boom Effects EPA Report

Weather wing boom research