All change!

It’s been almost a whole year since I last updated this site! A year!! 🙁

There’s no excuse really, no excuse whatsoever. Apart from the following list of excuses;

  • Getting married! Hooray!
  • Changing jobs! Hooray! (…to work on more boring subsonics! Boo!)
  • Learning to fly again! Hooray! (…before stopping again! Boo!)
  • Building my electric bicycle! Hooray!
  • Taking up golf! Hooray!
  • 2 business trips to Spain! Meh!
  • 2 business trips to France! Pah!
  • 2 trips to Silverstone! Hooray!
  • 2 West end shows! Erm!? ( <3 u Carrie!! )

I now have more time on my hands again, and a renewed gumption to actually properly map out how an SST could really be built. I even did a presentation at my new job about it to present my research into the Oklahoma City Sonic boom tests and how that led to the unfair and premature cancellation of the Boing 2707, which I’ll add to the website at some point.

It should be noted however that I am doing this purely for fun, with no particular financial support, merely as a hobby, so as you can understand, real life gets in the way of technological progress when you’re a one man band. (Unless your name is Blake Scholl and you have venture capital from Jeff Bezos… or your name is Elon Musk and you have venture capital from… yourself, or your name is Richard Noble and you have venture capital from… well you get the picture)

So, scanning back through the text above, I see that in fact I have been kidding myself, there IS no excuse. I merely need to start my own international book distribution company, e-payment system, or gather a number of wealthy industrial investors to fund my SST project and get on with it.

But while I wait for that to happen, I will simply continue to update this website. That is all for now…!